Seymour Shuren's creative sculptures have appeared in galleries and museums, at art society exhibitions, and are owned by many private collectors.  The diversity of his subject matter and materials create an enhanced environment for any artistic or decorative setting.  One of many natural wonders of nature is the formation of a multitude of stones in various colors, shapes and densities.  As a sculptor he attempts to uncover the chromatic beauty of alabaster and marble by creating a shape that is representative and/or amorphous that will elicit an aesthetic, emotional response from both the artist and the observer.  His resultant sculptures not only speak to us as forms in space, but radiate with the natural colors of nature's own extensive palette.

His bronze creations unfold realistic details that connect us to the metal and its myriad of patinas.  His bronzes capture the traditional expressive essence of the subject matter.

Prices range from $1,000 to $10,000 and commissions are accepted in all mediums.